5th Generation

Jimton (Tonton), on the right wearing blue shirt, was made into a disciple last Nov.16 by his older brother and was baptized immediately without delay. Today, the 7th of December, after 19 days to be exact after his baptism, in the middle of the blast of typhoon Ruby (Hagupit), he made his friend into a disciple and was also baptized immediately without delay. Nino, was his friend’s name and he is a 5th generation disciple.1531886_487339658075638_1819319110140850305_n


Living a life that demands question!

“I was wondering about Romie!” Edgar speaks out excitedly.

“Why? What about Romie?”

“Romie is a smoker, I know him. He’s my buddy.” He began sharing his observation about his friend. “I came to visit him one day and as normal as it is i offered him some cigar. But he just look at me, smiled and said, ‘I already quit smoking.’

“I insisted although a bit confused.” Edgar said to me.


“How can he said ‘no’to a piece of dope when he for 20 years kept saying ‘yes’?”

“This is exciting.” These thoughts came to my mind. Romie has just been baptized and he started living a kind of life that demands questions. “And then what happened Edgar?”

“I really thought he was just only joking so i finally stop insisting myself. On the way back to my home i was asking myself, ‘what made him decide to stop smoking?'”

Edgar have witness Romie’s life have change. At least for a piece of dope! But his story of being ‘the’ witness hasn’t stop there.

“One afternoon, i saw Romie watching basketball game in the community played by common friends in the neighborhoods.” Edgar keeps taking.

(As you know about smokers when gathered by themselves they share each others dopes. At least that is common in my country. Oh, how we have some kingdom values already in place!)

“I saw Romie. And since I am still looking for answers about of why this friend of mine has stops smoking after so many years I sense that this be a good opportunity for me to find out more  specially he is surrounded by his collegue of smokers. ‘Quitting smoke is a bit hard when you are getting used to it for a long time'”, Edgar added thoughts to himself.

“Oh my, that afternoon convinced that bug in me! Romie is a changed man!” He exclaimed. “He rejects every cigar that everyone offered to him.”

“Guess some ‘free’ stuff that’s offered can be rejected!” I could have thought of it earlier.

“Do you know when did Romie stops smoking?” I asked Edgar.
“It’s the day when he was baptized by you guys.”

I was amazed when i heard this from Edgar.

“I am curios now of this baptism stuff.” Edgar said to himself.

This conversations happened when we’re doing something together. We have started an apostolic hub in my village because there’s a lot of people have been made into a disciple of Jesus there. (To understand what a hub is, search “apostolic hub: taking housechurch deeper” on google). We have dig a well to provide water for the community, plan to repair our house that was destroyed by earthquake and typhoon, and would build an additional room too. We will build a bamboo shack also where saints can sit around together. This is where Edgar came in. We hire him to work to carry some bamboo from where we buy it to my house. I help him carry and this is where our conversation starts about his observation of Romie’s life. By the way, Romie is a husband of Juve (one of our women who raised chickens) a 3rd generation disciple. She baptized her own husband.


For 5 years of making disciples and following Jesus as his disciple. Most people that i make disciples of Christ and baptized, all of them  are my friends. Why friends? Because this are the people who believe in me and trust me.So it’s easy for me to say to them I WILL MAKE YOU A DISCIPLE OF CHRIST and I WILL BAPTIZED YOU or I WILL HELP YOU HOW TO FOLLOW CHRIST. Because we have the relationship,and I know them, they know me, they know my life and vice versa. What so important is how you live and show your kingdom life to them. The life that demands question on to your friends. Start looking on to your circle of friends those people who “BELIEVE” in you and “TRUST” you, I’m sure you have friends like that around you. Everyone of us has friends  that means everyone can make disciples! We got a lot of friends but never become a brother on to us. A brother and sister in Christ.

Now i will share to you one of my  story of how i make this guy a disciple of Christ. His a a very long  friend of mine before, but now his not only my friend he become a brother on to me, a now part of the family of Christ. That lives differently, than the world does. 
Anyway his name is Ray,we been closed friend since we we’re childhood. Because I lived in the mountain before, we need to walk for one hour just to go to school and one hour going home, this guy Ray is my partner in walking, going school and going home for two hours.

Ray’s mom and aunt is a disciple already made by my mom in which I made into a disciple at 12 midnight. My mom Together with my sisters Arlene and Analyn in which i made disciple also. The 3 of them are the one who is making disciples and baptizing people in the mountain. Most of this saints now that they baptized are there friends and our relatives living in the mountain. 
So anyway back to Ray, it happens that Ray’s mom and some disciples visit us at the house to meet some  extended family couple from Australia. While I’m talking to some saints about how to make disciples. It happens that Ray and his mom arrived from the mountain, so in front of his mom and many disciples. I said to Ray. I will baptized you, because you are my friend. He just smile, and i said, I’ll deal with you later after I’m done here. So yeah together with two disciples i make ray a disciple of Christ.
Saying to him, i will make you a disciple, a disciple is the one who follows Christ. But to become a disciple of Christ is you need to deny yourself. He ask, How is that? To do that is to  leave your old life which is your life full of  sin. Are you ready to leave your sin? He said Yes! Without hesitation. Christ died once and for all, I continue. You are saved already 2,000 years ago,Christ died because of your sin. Because the wages of sin is death. Everyone of us commit sin, so whoever has sin must be put to death. But god didn’t want that to happen to his people so he send his beloved son Jesus Christ to saved us. 

We are under the coconut tree while this conversation happen with Ray and two disciples name Gabriel and Ruelh. As Jesus died because of your sin, you also died because of your sin,as i continue talking to Ray. You maybe alive now, but the only thing is alive in you now is only your flesh but your spirit is dead. God is spirit, you cannot communicate God, because your spirit is dead. Ray nod his head like he understand something. So now Ray, do you believe that Jesus died for you and saved u already? I asked. Yes I believed was Rays response. Now that u believe are you  willing to get rid of your sin and never come back again? I am willing,said Ray. Now that you are willing, what will we do with your sin that killed your self? No response from Ray, but a disciple Gabriel said, we need to bury it. Heheheh he has been through it because Gabriel is a disciple already. Yeah i said, your right Gabriel. So Ray, I said, God is not into repairing the your old life he wants you to have a new one. Now to have that new life, and for you also to enter kingdom of God is to be born again. And that means through baptism, you will have your new life. Just as Jesus died because of your sin,buried and raised again. You also need to be buried (baptism) because u also died because of your sin, the moment you rise up from the water is the moment u have a new life, a new beginning, a new heart, mind and everything in you is new. Now I will tell you the benefits of becoming a disciple and to be a kingdom citizen, this words i spoke to Ray before asking him through baptism, first benefits you will have a new life, second you will become the  church 24/7 for where the spirit lives is where the church is. And lastly you will have hundreds of brothers and sisters and even houses. So are you ready for the baptism Ray?  With a gladly voice he said, Yes i am! So for about 5 to 7 minutes i make Ray a disciple of Christ. Baptized him in a tank full of rain water. After the baptism pray for him for the receiving of the holy spirit and thanks his life. And before he goes and change his wet clothe i said to him,  You are not my friend anymore, you are now become a brother unto me.! A member of my Family in Christ!Image 

And behold while I’m doing this things the girls my sisters Arlene and Analyn and other disciples are making disciples also and they baptized two ladies the same tank i baptized Ray. So 3 baptism happen that day March 23 2014. And we ended up with a big feast after baptism with all the disciples and have some good spending time with them all. Thank u for your prayers and help as we are making stories in the field!

We do our best in the Kingdom.

For several times of going to the north with the disciples helping and providing necessary needs for typhoon victims. It’s a 3 hours drive from the house. From food, water, medical assistance to tools and materials for bulding houses also provide pump boats for their fishing,most of the boat are destroyed because of typhoon. Most of the people up north fishing is their main living. Anyway ,a couple of months of bringing food water and bread. Now we are into action of building 10 houses and not only that, many more to go. Please pray for us as we show to the world the kingdom life.

Early morning on january 3, 2014 going to north with Kuya Molong and some disciples
Jomie, Jonathan, Roy and husband and wife Gary and Lyn from Butuan. We are bringing with us some tin sheets, plain sheets for the roofing. Also mosquito nets and blankets. Arriving there, cooked our food for our late breaky at the same time our lunch. After, we directly roam around to the community house to house to distribute some mosquito nets and blankets. I stopped and sit down in one of the house and that i gave mosquito nets and blankets and have chat with this husband and wife Antonio and Marlina. We ran together with my husband and son to the bush to cover ourself from flying object coz our house was destroyed even to ran to our neighbor is not a good idea coz most of my neighbor all their house is devastated. This was Marlina’s story on how they survived the biggest typhoon. As we continue talking outside their house, while her husband is cooking for lunch near to us vegetable soup with dried fish on it. Antonio her husband is a fisherman his boat also was a bit broke coz of typhoon. As he shared to me. To make the story short Marlina asked me if im a christian coz most of the people gave them something help introduced themselves as christian. I said to her no im a disciple of Christ and the reason why i am here and why i sat down with u guys is to let you know how to become a disciple of Christ. Are you ready for this? I ask them. They nodded their head with a great confused of what i am telling about.

God is a spirit and u guys have spirit and u will use that spirit to communicate with God.
Now let me asked you guys a question, if you talk to someone who is dead do you think that dead person will responce to you? Marlina and Anthonio look at each other didn’t say anything and i said of course not, that person can’t communicate coz he is dead, both of them nodded their head.

The reason why a dead spirit can’t communicate with god is because that spirit dead. In the same way u guys are dead because of your sin and because of that sin Jesus also died. Jesus shed his precious blood for us to saved us from sin long time ago. The question now is how to have a new spirit that can communicate with God and a new life? I stopped for awhile coz her husband done cooking for lunch and i said that’s yummy to eat i said. The wife said yeah let’s eat later after we talk. And i continue, the answer to that question is let go your old self and to let go your sin. Do you guys believe that Jesus died for you and saved you in the cross. They just nod their head. Now that you guys believed, what should we do with your sin? I don’t have any idea marlina said. Now let me ask you, when u got a dead person what u should do? Marlina said do the vegel, and after? I ask again. She said i don’t know. I said, of course we need to bury that person. And in your case guys i need to bury you now. What do you mean? Marlina ask while her husband is very silent sitting beside me. I need to baptized you guys now! We need to bury your sin and your old self to have a new life, just as Jesus died because of our sin and raised again in three days. I don’t know how to do the vegel coz if i do that u will get stinky, coz the moment u realized that u r dead is you are dead! Are you guys ready to get baptized? The husband ask his wife, how about you marlina? Marlina said yes we are ready but are we not disturbing you? Maybe u have something to do. I said no u r not disturbing me my reason why i am here is to baptized you guys. So lets go and find some water. But their is no water available in the house. Only a deep well nearby and i said: you guys have big drum? So that i can baptized you fully? No we don’t have they said. I remember what kuya Molong said about baptism. When it comes to baptism as much as you can, do your best to fully or emerge them in the water. If you can’t do it, then you are not doing your best in the kindom! Burrying a person is not sprinkling with water.

Let’s go let’s walk to the ocean i said. As we are going to the ocean jomie and roy pass by they are came from a house nearby, i asked hey how’s goin guys. Come let’s go guys come with me and let’s baptized this two
So roy and jomie go with us to the ocean around 15 minutes walk as we are closed to ocean jomie is following behind us. Suddenly jomie left us without any permission. So we continue walking, roy and i wonder why jomie left quickly without any permission. Anyway i’m not worried about jomie what i worried is this two dead person that im going to baptized. So i directly baptized Antonio as we hop in the water and Antonio baptized his wife Marlina. After baptism pray for receiving the holy spirit.967888_337903409685931_2049050594_n


And directly headed back to their house and do the lord supper with some vegetable soup the one that his husband cooking while i make them disciple as blood of christ and rice as body of christ. For it is only available that they got. As we are doing the lord supper jomie show up with some other people and said. I am going to baptise these people now, where heading to the ocean. Roy and I understand why he left us coz while we r doing the baptism he is also making disciples. Jomie make 5 disciples and baptized them. As we are on the way home. I ask jomie why he left us while we are heading to the ocean. Jomie said: If you are a carpenter and u did not get the job done then you are not a carpenter, you must get the job done as Jesus command Go and Make Disciple. Jomie the Man! On that day we made and baptized 7 people. See how jomie made this 5 people into a disciple of Christ.http://pation.wordpress.com/2014/01/04/for-all-the-gifts-that-weve-gave-to-you-i-can-feel-that-there-is-lacking/

Olanggo, Island Journey

It has been a couple of months that we have not seen the disciples in the island. Plans have been discussed but it didn’t happen, but last 26 March, we finally arrived in this beautiful island called Olango, where thousands of people living in this tropical place. It is only about an hour and a half of time to travel that you can reach this place from our house. Around 17 people were made into a disciple here of which most of them are young generations like my age, 20.

This article will highlight the journey of making disciples of a 20 yr. old disciple maker who is among those that I helped made into a disciple with Joana (my 2nd generation) and baptized. Jonathan, is his name, my 3rd generation. He be the 4th from Molong.

It is interesting. Every time he will make his friends or someone a disciple he would directly say: “Come, I will baptize you.” Jonathan made some six disciples in the island including his mom and his brother. Well this is how it works for him, and this is what Jesus did to his twelve. He just find those people who is ready to believe in him  and would say, ” Come follow me.”

What makes people ready to follow Christ? Jesus has the quickest way of inviting people to follow Him, just as this friend of mine Jonathan. He will just say, “Follow Me” and they will!

Curiosity, that’s it. To find people to make disciples is to find among your friends people who believe in you and trust you. Then you look for ‘curiosity’ inside them. Read their questions, are they just inquiring to have a debate or are they curious of what’s going on around your life? Have you let your light so shine that it makes people to follow you? What does it take for them to believe in you and trust you? Your life must be worth following!

Just a quick NT survey of people who are ready to follow Christ. Jesus knew what to look for, we should know it as well:

1. Nicodemus. One who sees ‘signs from above’ and came inquiring of Jesus ‘by night.’ Curios? Very. He’s ready to enter the kingdom of God. But he must be born twice first to see it through.

2. Matthew and other disciples who are called by name. Jesus knew their names. He is God but I do not think He uses His deity here. He makes friends with them. For 30 years of Jesus life on earth before He started His ministry, surely He already made some contacts with people. He hangs around in the neighborhood, plays with kids, laugh at them, ate with adults too. Curios? Of course. He start living the life of the kingdom at age 1 for sure.

And here is the most curios of all.

3. Zaccheus. Unashamed government official who climbs on a tree just to see a what? A Carpenter. But not a simple one. Oh well, alright, he’s not architect nor an engineer, i mean he’s a miracle worker. Zaccheus knows about Him much for sure, heard about Him enough! “I want to see this Man this time. And if it is still not enough, I am going to invite Him for a banquet in my house and with my friends!” And before he could think, Jesus invites Himself to be with Him! Jesus knew how curious he is!

Think about the people whom Jesus made into a disciple like the Samaritan woman and Simon the Pharisee, read them inside their hearts. What makes them want to be a part of Jesus movement? All of them were curios about the kingdom of God whom Jesus’ representing.

Alright back to Jonathan’s story:

We arrived at his house at 9 o’clock in the morning with Jomie and Molong. And his mom invited us for lunch. Still it’s early so we decided to go to another disciples house named Joana (my 2nd generation) to take our breakfast because we haven’t take our breakfast yet as we leave at our house early morning to catch an early pump-boat to save more time.

At Joana’s house we had some relational discipleship while eating at the table with Jonathan.

This is how we do church here, we open our fridge and eat, like what the early disciples did ‘they ate from house to house’ (Acts 2:42-46). Oh well, they didn’t have fridge yet but surely they open up their food storage.

We went back at Jonathan’s house.

And so we back at Jonathan’s house.
Only his mom and his grandfather are there. As we help prepare the food by grilling some milk fish. We overheard Jonathan said to his Grandpa, “Come,
I will baptize you now!”

I think in just 2 to 3 minutes of conversion with Jonathan and his grandpa together with Jomie because Jomie join in to their conversation, Jonathan got out the house with a medium bucket in his hands ready to baptize his grandpa, and asked Molong; ” is this bucket fit for my grandpa for his baptism?” he asked. Because his grandpa is 73 years old, and is not capable of going somewhere to the ocean. And so we decided to baptized him in the bucket. Without delay, i, Jomie and Jonathan pitch some water from the well behind their house to fill the bucket. When the bucket was full his grandpa got out of the house and hop inside directly, and I immediately prayed for him together with Jomie, Jonathan and his mother.  After I prayed, Jonathan pour some water slowly using a small bucket full of water to his grandpa’s head down to his foot.

We ate out lunch to celebrate his second birthday. Oops not yet, the story doesn’t end here. After we took our lunch, me and Jomie prayed for grandpa’s illness. Without notice, grandpa left the house directly, twice even without asking us permission! Jonathan’s mom who was his daughter was so amazed!

Your barkada,

Gather,Kill and Cast!

This is Orlan(center) on the baptized by Jillian(right) together with arni(left).

This is Gracel(center) Baptized by Joanna(left) together with Divine on the right.

This is Jonathan(center) baptized by Me(right) with arni on left.

This is Ivy(center) whose Joana(left) who made her a disciple, Joana baptized Ivy together with Jana on the right.

Weather is not …

Weather is not good windy and very big waves flashing because there is a low pressure or a typhoon. This is the situation when Me and the disciples: ( Jillian, Ernie, Arlene, Joanna, Jana, and Divine. It was around 5pm we arrive at the boat terminal and find no boat available because of the bad weather, boat are not allowed to go. So we transfer to another terminal, when we got their, many people are stranded around a hundred or more. And Luckyly there is boat… but a small pump boat which i think the capacity is around 40 people which i don’t think so it can fight the big waves.

The front of the boat even crack because people pressing each other they eagerly want to go home because some of them are stranded for many hours. While watching the boat full of passengers and ready to go. I said to all the disciples, if god will not allow us to go so be it, we’re thinking of going home. The night before the trip i did pray to God about this trip that wathever happens all the situation is in His hands. Thinking of going home because  their last trip is only 8pm and no other boat is allowed to go after 8. While the small boat is ready to go, someone shouted i think his the owner or a captain,that boat is not allowed to go! We will use the big one because that small boat can’t fit for the big waves! man shouted.

So instead of going home we are all on board to that big boat around 9:25pm the boat leave with us. While inside the boat I was thinking about apostle Paul of one of his mission that the boat was wrecked and because of God’s promise no one died. Even the boat was a little bit big still very dangerous because we don’t know what will happen next and all waves are very big and the boat is moving left to right because of the waves. And most of the disciples were dizzy including me but I’m getting used to it because of my experience in travelling with kuya Molong on some of our mission.

So i encourage the disciples to pray for the safety and talks about some safety tips which kuya Molong shared to me when it comes travelling. So about 30 minutes we reach the dock of the island… safe and so excited even though for all the situations happens. OHHH! I forgot to mentioned you about  WHY? we are here in this Island taking the risk?  In the “KINGDOM OF GOD” their is GATHERING, KILLING, and CASTING. Gathering is to gather all the disciples, Killing is what we call Baptizing them and lastly Casting like what Jesus did when He cast demons. We cast the disciples out in the kingdom to find the lost it is not only finding the lost but it is also planting the Kingdom of God to expand His kingdom!

Stay touch for more story of this mission trip with the disciples….